Tealchemy tea event held at the SF Asian Art Museum

Tealchemy Events Catering


Welcome to a little taste of heaven….a thousand years of tradition and a taste sensation.  Welcome to the world of Gongfu Cha, the tea of “Great Skill” that is still virtually unknown in the West.  I want you to taste the exquisite flavors of fruit, flowers and spices, I want you to feel a sense of wonder and the unique experience of being “tea drunk” in good company!  You will come to know why these teas are treasured in Asia by connoisseurs, coveted as much as wine, and how easy it is to prepare them at home.

Tealchemy is for events great and small:  from intimate gatherings to large groups of hundreds, from corporate events to weddings to tea rituals, consider us for your next party or gathering.  Call Jon at 510.250.0910

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